Featured Skaters

Andy Littlefield

Andy Littlefield is a skater from Santa Maria, CA, living in Sacramento. He started skating in 1998 when his parents sent him out to ride his brother’s old board and release some of his energy so he could sleep. Andy loved skating because of its self taught process. Going out and being able to learn something new every day is one of the biggest reasons he is so interested in the sport. He prefers simplicity and speed, rather than intricate tricks when he rides, and coffee helps to fuel his fire. Staying busy by fishing, hiking, and collecting vinyl records are outlets in his life. He’s traveled as far as Memphis, Tennessee, to skate and one of his influences is Gershon Mosely, a professional skater. “I don’t want to be one of those people who works all day, and then goes home and stays inside. I’m motivated to get outside, be healthy, meet new people, and travel.” He stays true to his statements and strays from the computer and phone, and considers being outdoors to be more important.